The year of construction of the building dates back to around the mid-fifteenth century. Because of the succession of dynasties and families that have inhabited the palace has undergone continuous structural changes and intended use until you get to the end of 1700. The restoration work, which led to be Mogliara the palace is now can appreciate, they began in 1990 and officially ended in 2015. The charm of the building is derived not only from the perfect mix of architectural styles, but also by the incredible games articulated and almost labyrinthine spaces that make the building a pleasant discovery.



Mogliara is an accommodation complex, able to accommodate you for all your needs: short or long stays, parties, banquets, small presentations.

The name “Mogliara” comes from the Latin “mulierem” and represents the most important female figure in the period of the dynasty of the Kingdom of Naples, fonamentale to keep the family together and take care of the home.

We want you to feel at home, at ease making you find an increasingly perfect and accurate in every detail.

The sense of our concept – noble hospitality by the owner –  we wanted to call it even in the brand: it recalls the “ruff” strip of linen or silk rippled torches that wrapped her chin, throat and neck of women in the seventeenth sec.

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Service Excellence

Can you imagine the charm of staying in a house over 700 years old, imbued with the same pomp of which surrounds a prince? 



“Choose to spend your important moments in a place full of charm and history, designer furniture and stylish details unmistakable”

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