Meetings and receptions

The meeting area is located on the ground floor of the building that houses Mogliara, which covers several areas connected with service rooms and main rooms with furniture useful to satisfy all needs accommodation for parties, small banquets, exhibitions, temporary showroom, small conferences. The main rooms are three, all with attached toilet and small rooms dedicated service that can be used in small temporary storage, dressing rooms, wardrobe, catering management. They are located on two different levels and linked together.

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The first room has direct access to the outside and is ideal for the first instance, with a large central table, chairs and sofas side. It is the hall of access to different environments. It can also be used for meetings in which guests need to discuss around a table work.

It is an elegant space, sober, in line with all the architecture of the structure which enhances the historical origins and exploits the vast and accessible spaces once dedicated to supplies and stocks.



Banquets & Festivity

Dedicated services

for every room

Rooms accessories

for wardrobe or deposit

A second room, central to the whole area, has large light points and is the main passage that connects all the rooms. A large central table and sofas side make it perfect for temporary exhibitions and moments of receptivity with food. It has a spacious utility room with access to the outside at the rear of the building. It can be used to organize the catering or as a storage room and a cloakroom. The lift serves both floors, and comes in all rooms.

Through a stone staircase leads to the larger room located on the lower level. This large underground room with a barrel structure and the stone ceiling is perfect for small meetings, exhibitions, festivals and conferences, as well as room for training courses and corporate events. It can accommodate about 80 people and 60 seats. It has a dedicated service, accessory compartment and direct lift access.



Party and Banquets

25000Per day
  • Occupation fractions of day
  • Use 2 or 3 rooms
  • Separate entrance
  • Initial and final cleaning
  • Use of all facilities included


30000Per day
  • Daily Occupation
  • Using all rooms
  • Separate entrance
  • Initial and final cleaning
  • Use of all facilities included


450002 days
  • Occupation minimum 2 days
  • Using all rooms and services
  • Separate entrance
  • Initial and final cleaning
  • Special rooms price